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Our Professional Services

This is an extensive listing for all services available. With as many as three computers in a home, you need a variety of professional services to keep your system up-to-date and running solid. Things go wrong as they often do, but Maki Consulting is here to get you going again with these computer service offerings:

1. General computer clean-up services: removing cookies, updating windows software, checking on antivirus subscriptions, removing temporary files, removing unused programs, updating all necessary software titles, and checking to see if you meet all current specifications. We want you to have a "healthy and happy" computer.

2. Custom-built machines for home or office use with ASUS Motherboards.

         a. Prices vary from $500-$750.

         b. Windows 8 or 10 towers can be built.

         c. Keyboard and mouse is optional.

3. New HP towers: Range of $500-$550.

         a. These towers are factory-built.

        b. Fully-loaded with features for everyday use, including keyboard and mouse.

         c. Includes Windows 8 64-bit software or Windows 10 Home.

4. New Toshiba Laptops: Range of $400 to $500.

           a. Toshiba is a five-star rated product.

      b. Options include web camera, DVD-RW burner, wireless capabilities, large hard drive, and full keyboard with numeric pad.

         c. Includes Windows 8.1 64-bit software or Windows 10 Home.

5. On-site or off-site service available.

6. Replacement parts for all brands of computers. If we don't carry a particular part, we can special order anything you need.

7. Data recovery services.

8. We offer a full line of accessories for your computer (laptop or desktop). Note: Some parts are in stock; other parts may need to be ordered.

           a. New or used flat screen monitors.

           b. New HP Printers.

           c. Memory chips (may need to be ordered).

           d. Computer speakers.

           e. USB printer cables.

           f. DVD Burners.

           g. Wireless or wired mice.

           h. Flash drives.

           i. Laptop shoulder bags.

           j. External hard drives.

           k. Keyboards.

           l. Wireless Routers.

9. Offer estimates for upgrading or setting up a new computer.

10. Virus and malware removal services.

11. Apple sales and service.

12. Software.

            a. Microsoft Office 2013 or 2016 Professional or Standard.

            b. Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10.

            c. Webroot 2017 Antivirus.

            d. QuickBooks 2014 or 2016.

            e. All other various software titles at reasonable prices. Just ask.

13. Computer training courses with private or professional groups.