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Meet Your Service Technician

Brian Maki is your lead technician. He is the owner and operator of Maki Consulting of Marquette, Michigan, specializing in over 30+ years of hardware and software computer experience.

Brian holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Michigan University (1993) in CIS and CS, with a major focus in formal English studies.

Professional Computer Qualifications

+ Expert in Office 2000, Office XP (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access), Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, and Office 2021. Professional training sessions have been taught to over 8,000+ people since 1996.

+ Expert in Windows Operating Software and Apple Software.

+ Perform annual service contracts with commercial and residential clientele.

+ Install software and hardware on all types of computer models.

+ Knowledgeable in pricing of current parts and top-of-the-line computer devices and computers.

+ Provide professional training sessions for corporate companies. This includes preparation of all class materials and handouts. Private companies receive special handouts dealing with their own special projects and topics.

+ Develop business estimates for clients to purchase new equipment.

+ Director and President of Forever Beginners' Computer Club of Marquette, Michigan (2015-present). Website:

+ Manages and maintains two popular blog sites:  Where's the "Real You" in Technology and Pieces of Me: Brian Wayne Maki.

Published Works

Flying a Kite: A Collection of Truth and Wonderment (1993), Where Strong Winds Blow (1994), One Innocent and Ordinary Life: Short Stories and Poems (2012), Ordinary Inspiration: Selected Poems (2012), Little Black Book: Protecting Your Digital Life (2012), Little Annoying Updates: Windows Update Guide (2013), Ordinary Reflections (2013), Portraits: Pictures & Words (2013), Nature's Pride: Beauty & Words (2013), Monthly Computer Maintenance Guidebook: How to Maintain a Healthy & Happy PC Computer (2014), and Forgotten Roads: A Secret Journey (2014).