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Maki Consulting

Computer Sales & Service, Computer Training, Virus Removal, & Afterlife Digital Services

Maki Consulting of Marquette, Michigan

Our Services include:

1.  Selling New and Used Hardware. We sell new Lenovo laptops and towers, new Apple iPads, used towers, monitors and laptops, HP & Brother inkjet and laser printers, and various brands of smart tvs.

2. Virus Removal, Computer Repair and Consultation. We repair any brand of computer and perform a much-needed cleaning. If you have a virus or have been attacked by malware, we are here to help. Let us make your computer "healthy and happy" again!

3. Group and Private Computer Training. We have over 30+ years of computer training experience with products like Windows, Apple, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Even specific topics like eBay, identity theft, email, banking, Gmail and Yahoo are available. We do on-site training for business and private groups, including one-on-one training.

4.Afterlife Digital Services. Very few people consider their own digital life as being important after they pass on. But with the number of hackers breaking into people's accounts these days, "time-sensitive" data is a growing problem for families and individuals. We help organize and terminate all "active" services after the client's death in a trusting and respectful manner. Your wishes and desires about your digital information are given the utmost attention. The best feature of this service is knowing that your identity is protected and secured.

5. Software Sales and Support. We sell and support the following software titles: MS Office Series, Quickbooks, Quicken, Adobe Elements, not to mention other software titles by special request. Please feel free to ask us for prices on specific software.

There is so much more to know about technology. In fact, many feel the confusion and frustration of a high-tech world on a normal basis. But that's where we step in. With another year of technical breakthroughs and upgrades on the horizon, expect Maki Consulting to offer you professional sales and service, professional guidance, and great insights when you need them. We'll help spell out what doesn't make sense in this high-tech world and explain things in layman's terms. That's what we do best.

Contact Email: bbcoach26@aol.com

Business Phone: (906) 249-8995