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Mimi, Traveling Beagle

In Memory of Ronny (2002-2017)

This page is dedicated to my best traveling companion, Ronny.

Over the course of 10 years, my traveling beagle friend visited countless homes, traveled countless miles, and offered smiles to those who needed some. He was a favorite to many clients. He proudly served as Mascot to our Forever Beginners' Computer Club.  He was also a big part of my business image, because clients would show more concern for him than me. Clients would ask if he was in the car, or if he would like to come inside for some treats, or if he needed to warm up on a cold day. He really enjoyed going different places and exploring the world, not much different than myself. We did everything together; we ventured down unexplored dirt roads; and we went places that not many dogs ever get to see. All in all, he was a good boy, had his typical "ho-hum" personality, and seemed content and happy to spend time with me. You could not ask anything more in a dog.

Therefore, I dedicate this page to my buddy, Ronny. Even though he is not here anymore, he will always be perched in the middle console and taking in a view to the world as I turn the next corner or drive to the next appointment, a world that I still share with him on a daily basis. It's a feeling that shall never leave me.